Teeth Clenching Treatment With Pleasant Dental Care

Teeth clenching (bruxism) is a chronic issue for many patients, damaging their teeth and impacting daily living. Pleasant Dental Care treats bruxism in Martinez with dedicated service and patient education. Our team emphasizes a comprehensive approach to this treatment, utilizing custom solutions and advice to relieve daily discomfort. Our dentist, Dr. Ramin Sani, offers patients a combination of cutting-edge care and compassionate treatment at our modern dental practice. If you have discomfort in your jaw or wake up with a sore mouth, contact us today.  

Symptoms and Causes of Teeth Clenching

At night, which is typically when damage occurs, it’s difficult to be conscious of teeth clenching. During the day, stress may cause you to clench or grind your teeth, and this can become a bad habit. Stress is often the cause of nighttime bruxism as well. Bruxism can cause headaches and put enormous pressure on dental structures, breaking tooth and restoration alike. You might experience additional symptoms including:

Sore Jaw and Facial Muscles
TMJ Issues
Fractured Cusps
Sore Teeth 
Fractured Teeth

When teeth clenching is a habit, it produces constant wear and tear on teeth. According to Dr. Sani, your teeth should touch only 6 minutes at most a day, when eating and speaking, and any more than this accelerates the damage done to teeth. If you recognize these symptoms, seek out treatment to protect your oral health. 

Treating Teeth Clenching and Grinding in Martinez

It is our mission to improve our patient’s quality of living by reducing the stress and pain associated with bruxism. Dr. Sani professionally diagnoses and treats teeth clenching, restoring oral health and helping your smile function comfortably again. Beginning with an exam, Dr. Sani will check the teeth for fractures and damage, as well as look for signs of jaw tension. Then, he will provide a custom night guard to relieve nighttime bruxism. The night guard is fashioned by a trusted dental lab and will be comfortable to wear throughout the night. 

Our dentist will then provide additional advice and treatment recommendations to relieve daytime grinding and clenching. To reduce stress before sleeping, our dentist recommends patients make meditation and breathing exercise part of their bedtime routine.

Additional ways to relieve stress include: 

Working Out
Limiting Caffeine Intake After 12 pm
Avoiding Sugar before Bed

Restoring Teeth for Function and Beauty

After we address your bruxism needs, the next step is to repair your dental problems. Our practice utilizes quality materials to rebuild teeth and restorations, ensuring a durable and natural-looking smile. 

For all of your teeth grinding and clenching treatments in Martinez, turn to Pleasant Dental Care. Our kind dentist will help you resolve these issues and return to daily life with full dental function.