Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry with Pleasant Dental Care

When the smile is bright and uniform, you have greater self-confidence. If you’re looking to improve the look of your smile, Ramin Sani, DMD provides cosmetic dental treatments in Martinez. Pleasant Dental Care is your state-of-the-art source for cutting-edge dental treatments and technology and provides individualized care to help anyone who wishes to improve their smile’s appearance.

Pleasant Dental Care serves Martinez and nearby areas such as Pleasant Hill with cosmetic dental procedures. To schedule a cosmetic consultation, please call us at (925) 300-3671, or use our convenient online form.

Offering Cosmetic Treatments to Obtain Beautiful Smiles

Wear and tear affect our teeth in many different ways, from tooth stains to chips and cracks, and requires treatment to address them. Dr. Sani uses premium materials and detail-oriented care to make sure aesthetic dental problems are resolved. Our practice is here to help you obtain long-term cosmetic dental improvements that restore your self-esteem.

Dr. Sani is experienced in applying one or multiple treatments to fully address your smile needs. At Pleasant Dental Care, you receive a custom treatment plan from our dentist which details the specific procedures which will benefit your smile.

Covering Dental Imperfections

Teeth Whitening – We offer teeth whitening through Opalescence® Boost. This in-office treatment takes 40 minutes, allowing patients to brighten their smile in a single visit. With professional whitening, you can be sure that your teeth are a beautiful shade that appears natural.

Veneers – These are thin porcelain covers for teeth, affixed to the front for long-lasting appeal. Veneers mask gaps, minor chips, and intrinsic teeth staining which whitening cannot correct.

Improving Aesthetics and Function

Crowns – This restoration is provided after root canal therapy, extensive decay removal, or when damage has weakened a tooth extensively. Our metal-free crowns nearly mirror the same strength and appearance as natural teeth. This restoration permits patients to have a full a smile and normal bite.

Amalgam Removal – No longer the standard for repairing look and function, amalgam restorations can cause issues for your oral health. Not only is mercury used in some of these restorations, but minor fractures around the metal can expose teeth to decay without the wearer’s knowledge. Pleasant Dental Care removes amalgam and restores teeth with modern crowns.

Invisalign® Clear Braces – For those who never received braces or teens who have minor alignment requirements, Invisalign® clear braces are convenient and aesthetically pleasing. See us for the transformative and proven Invisalign treatment method.

Replacing Teeth  

Bridges, Partials, and Dentures – These are the traditional methods of tooth replacement. Customized to your smile needs, Dr. Sani will make sure you have a full smile again. 

Dental Implant Treatment – Dr. Sani replaces single, multiple, or whole rows of missing teeth and restores them using advanced dental implant technology. Implant-supported restorations, such as partial dentures or a hybrid denture, are long-lasting and ensure a normal bite.

Our dentist customizes treatment based on the aesthetic you wish to obtain, from minor improvements to extensive dental procedures. Contact Pleasant Dental Care, your Martinez dental practice, and experience quality cosmetic care in a comfortable environment.